Small Improvements Over Time Add Up.

Posted by Michele Skawski on Saturday, January 25th, 2020 at 9:36am

Every person who buys a house hopes to make money when they sell it someday. There are two ways

for this to happen: 1) the market goes up, 2) you invest in updating and improving the home.

None of us can control the real estate market and there will always be ups and downs. Of course, if

you can choose when to sell your home, you will find that some times are more advantageous than


The other way to make money is to buy a good home that needs some updating. With today's busy

lifestyle, many people prefer to buy a house that is "done". Those who are more patient, have the

time, or perhaps don't have the finances to buy "the perfect home" will find that making small

improvements over time will increase the value as well as their enjoyment of the home.

It is not unusual, in Caledon, for people to compromise on the size or amenities of a house in order to

live in the area or neighbourhood they desire. You will seldom talk to a person who doesn't have

something they want to do to their home. In Caledon, it is ok to live in a home that is a "work in


I encourage people who enjoy the Caledon lifestyle to look beyond the decor to see if they can create

a home from the house they are looking at. A little vision goes a long way.

I just visited a client who recently moved to "the country" from a condo in Toronto. They don't love

the parquet flooring and they don't love the oversized bathtub in the middle of the

master bedroom. They do love their new neighbourhood, they do love looking out windows in every

direction and seeing trees and they do love the spaciousness of the home. They picture their young

family growing up in this house and in this neighbourhood and they know, that over time, they will

make the changes that will truy make it their own.

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