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Caledon Trail in FallIt happens overnight...one day you can't help but notice the vibrant colours of the leaves.  That day was yesterday!  Both my husband, Grant, and I commented on the beauty of the leaves.  Of course for the Headwaters area - Caledon, Erin & Dufferin, it means lots of tourists, affectionately known as Leaf-Lookers.  

It's the perfect time for a drive or a walk in the country.  The ice cream shops are still open and their is lots of great, hot coffee percolating!  

Perhaps you'll see a FOR SALE sign and decide you really want to stay!  

Ontario Parks puts out a Fall Colours Report with updates on how much colour the leaves have by location!!  Who knew?

Caledon has a Fall Colours Brochure that suggests places to go and things to do while you are

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