When Should You Call A Realtor®?

If you own a home or property, the best time to make a connection with a Realtor®, is NOW.

People develop relationships with their hairdresser, their mechanic and even their grocery store clerk, but when it comes time to sell their home, they often have to trust a complete stranger to take care of one of their largest investments.

As a Realtor®, I have my finger of the pulse of real estate -  not just prices, but trends in housing styles and décor as well as the varying needs by age group and family status.

My Client for Life Service includes helping my clients make decisions that will impact the value of their house in the future.  Many of my clients consult with me before they do any major renovations—not for design services, but to make sure that their investment is going to pay off in the future.  Unfortunately, not all renovations add value to a home and some actually detract from the value.

I can provide the names of reputable home renovation and service providers such as lawn maintenance & snow removal, house cleaners, dog walkers and babysitters!

Just like any investment, it is important to track the value of your home over time.  My clients are entitled to a free, yearly home evaluation as well as market updates at any time.

Of course, when it does become time to sell, my clients have experienced my level of service and commitment.

If my Client For Life Service appeals to you, give me a call at: 647-290-7653 or click on the Let's Connect tab at the top right corner of this site. 

I look forward to hearing from you!