What to Expect From a Home Inspection

Conducting a home inspection has become a basic part of the home buying process.  It is important to know that houses don't "pass" or "fail" a home inspection.  The intent of a home inspection is to help the buyer understand what he or she is buying.  Some buyers are very knowledgeable about building practices while others know very little.  A home inspection can be very enlightening for the inexperienced buyer, or just a confirmation for those who are more knowledgeable. 

As with every industry, home inspections are becoming more advanced as technology allows the inspector to delve further into the "bones" of the house without having to physically disturb the home.  As a buyer, you can purchase a basic inspection or an inspection by a certified engineer, you can also add other services such as thermal imaging to identify moisture in the house or areas of heat loss.  There are air quality inspections, mould & asbestos inspections, wood-burning fireplace inspections (WETT) and of course, well and septic inspections for country properties.  

Your Realtor® will be able to refer you to good home systems inspectors.