Getting your home ready to sell is an individual journey, but there are some basic principles to follow.  The first consideration is timing.  The following list is based on having some time available before putting the house on the market. 

If you need to put your house on the market quickly, call me immediately and I will help you make the most of the features of your home.



In an ideal world, all maintenance items have been taken care of as needed - shingles, furnace, air conditioner, windows, septic etc. have been updated or improved as needed.  

 If an item has less than 3 years life-expectancy left in it, consider getting it replaced or updated.  If that is unrealistic, get a quote so that we have a realistic replacement cost for negotiation purposes. 


This is the least expensive, most effective way of maximizing the money you can get for your home.  A spotless, well organized home is perceived as well cared-for and will encourage buyers to consider your home, even if the finishes are not to their liking.  Don't forget to organize closets and kitchen drawers!


In a way, I hate that word and I think it confuses a lot of home sellers.  It is hard to know what is considered clutter when looking at treasured items, family photos and all the extras that make a house feel like a home.

My stager can help in this area plus there are services available to help with the actual work of decluttering and pre-packing unused items.  (Ask me for a referral)

In general, however, you want the house to look as large as possible and you want buyers to look at the "bones" of your house rather than your decor.  Many sellers feel like their home has lost its personality, but the hard truth is that you will sell faster and do better if buyers can picture themselves living the house, not you.



A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for most homes.  I know of Realtors® who advise every one of their sellers to give the front door a fresh coat of paint.  That's a little tough in the winter, but the concept is good! 

How much or how little depends on your house and the time available.  My service includes a free consultation with a professional stager.  I have found her assistance invaluable in choosing paint colours and it still amazes me that the right paint colour can highlight good features or diminish less attractive features in a home.

At a minimum, consider taking a can of paint and giving your (painted) baseboards and trim a re-fresh.