Do yourself a favour and take the time to choose a Realtor® to represent you. Just as a home seller will interview one, two or three Realtors®, you can too.  Top Realtors® will be more than happy to explain their services to you and make the time commitment to help you find the RIGHT home.  All you have to do, in return, is make a commitment that WHEN you buy, you will buy through them.

  • It doesn’t cost any more to have a Realtor® working specifically to protect your interests.
  • You will get first notification of any new listings that come on the market that meet your criteria
  • You will no longer have to phone listing Realtors® and answer all their questions. You only have to explain the details of what you are looking for once—to YOUR Buyer’s Agent.
  • A Buyer’s Agent will save you time by taking care of all the details.

Skilled Buyer Agency Service

A large part of my work as a Buyer’s Agent is performed “behind the scenes”; previewing homes, researching comparable sales, gaining market knowledge, evaluating changing legislation and maintaining professional credentials.  For every hour I spend showing you homes, I will have spent up to ten hours preparing.  I am constantly acquiring information that will help to better serve you.

How Buyer’s Agents are Compensated

Realtors® are not paid a traditional salary or compensated for any expenses.  Most work entirely on commission, which is received only when the transaction is complete and the full purchase price of the property has changed hands between the buyer and seller.  All of the services, time and transportation provided while you are looking for a home are un-compensated unless you purchase a property through the Realtor® with whom you have been working.

(So, you are not doing your Realtor® a favour by giving him or her a break for the weekend and buying an open house that you happen to pop into during your travels!!)

As real estate commissions traditionally are paid on closing, from the seller’s proceeds, not out of your pocket, Buyer Representation is essentially a FREE service that protects your interests.

If you would like a Realtor® who can save you time and protect your interests while helping you fulfil your homeownership dreams, please get in touch with me at 905-838-5012 or through the "contact" tab on this site.

I look forward to hearing from you!